How To Get Boyfriend or Girlfriend Scientifically

 Japan is facing a declining birth rate and an aging population so that many scientists or researchers in Japan study how to solve this social issue and which causes this big problem. Some scientists research how to get boyfriend or girlfriend scientifically because they regard the fact that there are few romances of Japanese young people as the cause of the declining birth rate in Japan. This field of study is called mate selection theories , and this study is connected with other sciences. For example,  psychological, strategically and economically. Prof. Thornhill and Prof. Stud are pioneer of this theory, and they established 3 steps to get boyfriend or girlfriend social scientifically.  If you follow this steps, you can get your partner more easily.


 First of all, you have to invest in yourself, it means that you need to cost your looks or appearances. In fact, we usually judge abilities or statuses of others by their looks. For instance, you might look on people who look poorly dressed as homeless, and then you may think that they don’t have jobs and they are poor. This example shows that basically people use appearances for basis for their decisions to assess condition of people. This fact is based on psychology of appearance , and this psychology is applied mate selection theories. Pennsylvania state university said that people place importance on appearances of their dates whether they should go to next dates. Moreover, women take care outlooks more than man. Therefore, you must pay careful attention to your looks than girls if you are boys. And they found that appearances is a more important factor than personality to judge values of the other sex. A psychologist said, “It mostly depends on how you look.” As you can see, the first step to make boyfriends or girlfriends is making investments in your looks.


 Second, you need to find a group which you can get boyfriend or girlfriend easily, this process is related with a market principle. Everyone has the current price in love market and this price can go up or go down to depend on each market. In addition, there is a rule that people can start dating with the opposite sex who have same price in market as you. However, you can’t have romantic relationships with others who have more higher values than you,and the more people have higher prices, the more stronger in market.  For example, your price assumes 60 in group A, and a maximum price is 100. You try to find partner, but there are some competitions who have more than 61. Therefore, they can make their partners in turn, you need to wait or give up. Instead, you can get boyfriend or girlfriend more easily if you change the group which there are few rivals or people who don't have price than you. It means that you can be a position of relative superiority, and this strategy is connected with the law of supply and demand. If you feel difficult to get partner, you have to find new community.


 Finally, you have to learn how to approach or attract the other sex, and this is kind of marketing strategies. In love market, everyone is a item, and we need to sell ourselves or think how to be hot item. Therefore, it is important to learn marketing strategies and consumer confidences in this market. For instance, if you are young woman when you have to get touch in with a participant in a date after your first date with him. Perhaps you decide next plan at once or you text him the  same day after you come back to house. However, which options are wrong, correct answer is that you need to wait the next day. In fact, you can make power relationship with other, it means that your date is a position to pursue you. This strategy is based on the brand marketing, you have to increase your value. On the other hand, you have to make next appointment as soon as possible if you are man. It is related with first mover’s advantage.  It always happen diplomacies in love market, and you need to be a good diplomat. Therefore, you always need to study strategies of love market.

 In summary, you need to be good item, find a good market and decide of strategies. A mate selection theories is new study, but it is very useful and related with some theories.  If you enjoy your love, it become a good affect society as a whole.